McCone Foods' mission is to provide Fund Raising and promotional solutions for organizations and businesses by supplying premium quality food products.
McCone Foods is a small, family operated company based in southwestern Minnesota.  Stan McCone originally started out in 1988 with a door-to-door specialty food business.  Their signature products were home-grown gourmet brown mushrooms, wood fire smoked sausage, all-natural meats, and premium quality cheeses.
In 1998 McCone Foods entered the Fundraising market with a core group of high quality food products.  At the center of that selection is McCone’s Gourmet Pickled Herring.  Their fundraisers have continued to gain popularity with FFA chapters in Minnesota and the surrounding mid-Western states.
In 2010 Stan’s son Charlie McCone purchased the business.  McCone Foods is currently working to develop and promote McCone Foods’ Pickled Herring in the Fund Raising and Retail Markets.

McCone Foods

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