Promote your Organization

McCone foods has been serving local and national organizations for years in their fundraising efforts. As a wholesale food distributor McCone foods knows what the customer is looking for in quality products.

At McCone foods we offer large range of products for fundraising purposes. Our most popular fundraising program is our Pickled Herring and our Custom Popcorn.

Gourmet Fundraising Products

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(NEW)Triple Snack Pack

3 Pack combo – 8 oz. pkg. per flavor –  Lean meat loaded with real cheese and savory spices. 3 popular flavors designed to satisfy everyone.

Meat Sticks

15oz. pkg -10 Tender beef, 90% lean; flavored with mild teriyaki seasoning, not greasy

String Cheese

1-1/2lb pkg. Award Winning. 100% natural Wisconsin Mozzarella. Individually wrapped. Smooth texture with a delicate, milky flavor.

Turkey Jerky

7oz Package – Smokey dried turkey strips made from whole breast fillets, thick cut and easy to chew..

Beef Jerky

8oz Pkg. High quality lean beef smoked slowly over real hardwood chips, not leathery or tough..

Gourmet Herring

36 oz tub  Caught in the frigid and rich North Atlantic waters of Canada. Extra firm and fresh; pickled in sweet wine sauce.